No Slip Stool

Office / Commercial

healtHcentric Sit Stand allows the user to alternate between sitting and standing at workstations, providing short periods of relief to the lower body. The user can adjust the seat height and angle to accommodate a variety of work heights and tasks.

Product Description

  • Fully upholstered backrest. 5” Patented Back Height Adjustment System.
  • Sizes available: 14” w x 10” h, 17” w x 15” h
  • Dual Density Foam
  • Two sizes available: 17,5” w x 15,5” d, 18,5” w x 17” d
  • 1 Lever for Both Seat and Back Angle Adjustment and 1 lever for backrest and seat height
Seat height adjustment
  • Depending on the height of the cylinder
  • 22” Chrome 22 Base and 18” Oval Tube Footring built in for durability
Casters and Glides
  • Two Dual Wheel Urethane 2 1/4” Casters
  • Three 2 1/4” Glides.
  • Spirit Millennium vinyl with IC+ no slip strip on seat
  • Beeline PVC-Free
  • With no slip strip IC+ on seat
Color choices
  • Various colors available