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Custom product

Whatever use you put your new ergonomic furniture to, whatever sector you work in, custom products by Synetik are the perfect accompaniment to your day-to-day tasks. Needs in work environments are constantly changing: furniture must be adapted to different shifts and different body types, products must be adapted to static work stations and work stations that change vocation and location. At Synetik, it’s always possible to build a work accessory that meets your expectations and becomes a fully customized product.

To give you some inspiration, here are some of the achievements Synetik is particularly proud of. You never know: our custom products might be your ideal solution!


Our multidisciplinary team works with you to resolve any business constraints you might have because a problematic work station is crying out for new equipment to be created. At Synetik, design and most of the manufacturing take place directly on our premises, which enables us to offer high-quality, innovative products with a quick turnaround time.


We take an advanced design approach to each of these turnkey products, starting with an assessment of your specific needs by experienced professionals. For the complete ergonomic solution, trust Synetik!

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