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Our team

We’re proud to present our dedicated team. They’re passionate about what they do, appreciate a challenge and thrive on new projects, each of which has the same objective: to offer ergonomic solutions aimed at concrete results, adapted to your full satisfaction.

From product development to manufacturing, in all they undertake, the Synetik team is committed to excellence and keeping quality standard high. Every member of its personnel—all experienced employees—knows the importance of making products of excellence for its clientele and generating effective, high-quality results.

For each of Synetik’s divisions and for each of its qualified personnel, the company’s achievements are their own. Teamwork and the high-quality professional relationship we foster are at the heart of the company’s success.


The founder

Caroline Saulnier



Caroline Saulnier obtained her degree in industrial design at the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Environmental Design in 2003. Seeking to broaden her knowledge in the field, she decided to continue her studies in Australia at the Queensland University of Technology. Her work there inspired numerous projects that she couldn’t wait to develop, and in 2004 she launched her own business, Synetik Design. That same year, she started a master’s in mechanical engineering with a concentration in ergonomics at Montreal’s École Polytechnique, but her company’s rapid growth forced her to suspend her university career so she could dedicate herself fully to the business.

The recipient of an array of awards for the STAG4 project, Synetik Design has stood out—and grown—in the market. Caroline made the decision to put together a team dedicated to developing new products for the industrial sector, particularly transportation, aeronautics and welding, and the first sales were to Bombardier Aerospace and Paccar. In 2006, after a client requested ergonomics services, she founded Synetik Conseil with a partner company. Major contracts with Bombardier, Montreal’s public transit commission and Gaz Métro made the division an unqualified success.

Her attendance at numerous trade shows worldwide has helped her build a large network of contacts and distributors. In 2010, she signed a contract with her first distributor in Europe. The company is now present in six countries, and 60% of its revenues are generated from sales abroad.

In 2015, Caroline’s company acquired Prodije, which enabled her to diversify her product range while merging the two companies’ production activities. As an experienced leader with an exceptional business development background, she has a number of large-scale projects on the go, with a team that is still growing.

At the same time, Caroline plays an active role in her community. Over the past seven years, she has been part of the Association des industriels de Lanaudière, two of them as president. She is also a member of the Groupement des chefs d’entreprise.

Department of operations and productions

All Synetik products are manufactured and assembled in Quebec in our production plant in Joliette. Our goal is to offer you a product designed with parts from Canadian companies and in doing so offer you superior quality.

Our operations and production department actively collaborates with experts in the field to optimize the manufacturing stages of each product. We integrate the production process into the chain of operations of the various departments, while keeping one of the company’s main objectives in mind: to make high-quality products, on time..



Sales department

Do you have any questions? Do you need additional information on our ergonomic products and solutions? Contact our sales service: our team will be happy to assist you and find the product you need.

If you need a custom product, we’ll design it to your specifications. We’ll be happy to explore the different avenues and work alongside your team to develop just the right product. Feel free to send us your ideas and we’ll make every effort to bring them to life.


Department of customer service

Always attentive to offering service of superior quality and an outstanding client experience, Synetik is there to help you with your project, offering professional, attentive, supportive and transparent service every step of the way.

Feel free to contact us for information on our products, to request a quote, to track your order or anything else. We’ll be happy to help.


Marketing department

The marketing department’s goal is to promote the brand at events and shows and facilitate communications in the company and between all the people who make Synetik tick. The marketing department is in charge of bringing the world’s attention to all the qualities of the company’s products, services and values.


Department of Research and Development

If Synetik is a major brand, it’s thanks to its constant innovations for ergonomic products. Research and development are the major pillars of the brand because they transform ideas into reality. Are you looking for a specialized product that doesn’t exist on the market? Our specialized team in industrial and manufacturing products will be happy to explore different avenues with you to develop a product that meets your needs.