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Delivery / Warranty / Return

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary according to the destination and number of products ordered. You can contact our customer service to obtain the exact amount for your order at 1-866-739-2400.

Does Synetik ship outside Quebec?

Synetik ships its products everywhere! Right now our specialized products are mainly sold through distributors in North America and Europe, but we’re confident that they will become a value-added to any person looking to improve their posture at work.

Can I change a product if it isn’t suitable?

Yes, as long as it’s returned in its original packaging with proof of purchase within 10 days after it is delivered. Return shipping is payable by the user. Additional costs may apply if the product has been damaged.

How long does it take for a product to be shipped?

Orders take seven to 10 business days for our standard products. Our team will make every effort to deliver your products faster than that.


Why should I open a Distirbotr account?

With an online account, you can access your quotes and order history and track your past and pending orders.

General / Customer Service

How can I reach Synetik?

Telephone: 450-759-9449

Toll-free: 1 866 739-2400

Fax: 450-759-8555


What are Synetik’s business hours?

Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Can I buy your products online?

No, but an online quote option is available. One of our customer service representatives will contact you within 24 to 48 hours of your request to give you a quote. You can also contact our customer service by phone at 1-866-739-2400.

After I receive my quote, how long do I have to make an order?

Our quotes are valid for 30 days. After this time, the price may change.

Do you offer training after a product is purchased?

We can train workers or a resource person in your organization, depending on the case. Contact us for more details!

After I make an online quote request, how long do I have to wait for a response?

We'll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Is there a warranty in case a part breaks?

Limited warranty


Synetik Ergodesign offers the following warranties on its components:

Lifetime*: The chair/stool structure and pneumatic cylinder.
10 Year Warranty*: The seat mechanism, foam and fabric.
1 Year*: The casters and glides.


This warranty does not apply to products that must be replaced after normal wear and tear, or as a result of negligence, abuse, shipping damage or use other than in accordance with the instructions and warnings.

• Changes in surface finishes, including colorfastness, due to aging, exposure to light or direct sunlight
• Marks, scars, or wrinkles occurring naturally in leather
• Failure resulting from normal wear and tear
• Matching of colors, grains, or textures of natural materials
• Colorfastness or the matching of colors of textiles or surface finishes, including an exact match
• Damage or marking of materials or abrading of textiles over time caused by sharp or foreign objects
• Discoloration of textiles and surface materials due to soiling, stains, or dye transfer from clothing, including denim
• Synetik does not warrant products that are exposed to extreme environmental conditions or that have been subject to improper storage.
• Damage and/or injury due to improper use or unauthorized modification of the Product, contamination and lack or improper maintenance procedures.
• Fabric damage due to cleaning product.


The mechanisms, foam, and fabric are warranted for 10 years from the date of purchase. The Plus Size seating warranty is valid for users weighing up to 350 lbs (159 kgs). For all 24-hour seating, the warranty is valid for continuous use multi-shift operations for users weighing up to 350 lbs.



All components designated as for welding use are covered with flame retardant material. Improper use and maintenance may negatively affect the flame-retardant properties of the surface.



During the warranty period, Synetik Ergodesign will repair or replace any products covered by this warranty found to be defective. Claims must be made with a Synetik Design representative. Any defective product must be made available to the Synetik Design representative for inspection. This warranty is only valid according to the terms above and only for the original purchaser. The original purchaser is the one who purchased the new products at Synetik Design or at one of its authorized distributors for their own use. This warranty extends only to the original purchasers who acquire new product from Synetik, its subsidiaries, or its authorized resellers. Any product, part, or component must have been used according to Synetik’s published instructions and installed and maintained by a Synetik factory-trained technician or an authorized Synetik dealer installer. If these requirements are met, warranty coverage will be extended. Any misuse, abuse, or modification to the original product voids the warranty.


*The lifetime, 10 year and 1 year warranty are based on standard hours of daily use as listed below:

Model Hours of use per day Weight
TA, Stag, Flex Single shift Under 280 lbs
SF, TF Single shift Under 280 lbs
Synergo 24/7 workstation Under 300 lbs
Synergo Bariatric 24/7 workstation Under 350 lbs
Ergonomic Cushion Single shift Under 280 lbs


What is the maximum weight the products can hold?

Synetik = 350 lb

Distribution: 300 lb

Bariatric products are also available. Some are guaranteed for users weighing up to 500 lbs. 

Are all Synetik products manufactured in Quebec?

All of Synetik’s products are manufactured in our plant in Joliette, Quebec. We do our utmost to provide you with a product designed with parts from Canadian companies to ensure you have superior quality.

Can I get a custom product?

Nothing is impossible! Some of our products have been designed at clients’ requests to meet specific needs. Send us your project and one of our representatives will look into the possibility of creating something custom-made to your needs. It’s essential, of course, that your request is realistic and within our field of expertise.

Can we try out a product before buying it?

You can try out a product for up to one week. Contact our customer service at 1-866-739-2400 for more details.

What is the difference between a TA180, a TA200 and a TA300?

The TA180 was the first ergonomic sit-stand stool created by the company. It improves the comfort of workers on jobs performed on elevated surfaces and reduces muscle fatigue in the feet and legs on jobs requiring standing for long periods of time.

The TA200 offers all the benefits of the TA180. Its larger seat, flatter front and non-slip suede band make it more stable for the user. Its mechanism can also angle it more steeply than the TA180.

The TA300 offers all the benefits of the TA180 and the TA200 combined. The addition of a back rest increases back support and reduces back muscle fatigue.