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Synetik saw the openness of foreign markets to workplace ergonomics as a golden opportunity and began reaching out to companies distributing products aimed at worker safety. Companies in the US, Europe and even Canada are increasingly open to the benefits of ergonomic products. Health and safety costs can quickly become enormous for employers, and a few simple modifications where it counts can have an immense impact. Furthermore, it has been proven time and time again that an employee’s performance is closely linked with the environment in which they carry out their tasks.

Given this changing workplace dynamic, Synetik is constantly on the lookout for distributors that will help the brand extend its product offer internationally. In doing so, they’ll be filling a real need and sensitizing companies to the benefits of workplace ergonomics. A number of distributors have already put their trust in the Synetik brand, including Gyva, Brassardburo and Bruckner Supply in Quebec, Tenaquip in Canada, Airgas and Magid Glove & Safety in the United States, and Design+ in Europe.


Why become a distributor of Synetik brand? Because you :

  • Care about workers’ health and well-being.
  • Want to promote a unique product, of superior quality, that’s designed to meet real needs.
  • Believe in the company’s mission, which is to promote the well-being of workers in their workplaces while helping employers maximize their productivity with the use of ergonomic stools and chairs specially designed and adapted to their companies’ situations.

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